You'd think Brad got his start in radio many, many years ago but, in fact, it was just last Thursday. ...OK...maybe it was the previous Tuesday... Anyway, his big start was when a talk radio station in Las Vegas took his phone call and put him on the air live. He nervously said, "Hell, even Yasser Arafat comes to the U.S. for healthcare. I think he may see a dentist in England, of course, that may explain why he's never been in any toothpaste commercials." Brad thought that line was hilarious, because he generally thinks he's quite a bit funnier than he really is and , though he called in many times after that, they never again put him on the air.

Brad has always enjoyed entertaining people and even created a website that was much like today's, though he never had the chance to really expand or promote the site. He then decided that he wanted to mix humor and talk, but wasn't sure how to get it out to people. He thought he would start with some humorous dubs of commercials and then, possibly, a podcast of humorous news and political talk.

First, however, he needed to upgrade the equipment from the average computer user's stuff, to a more professional level. After searching the internet and finding many opinions on the best equipment for what he wanted to do, he reached out to an old friend, Curtis, that he knew was doing a radio show.

As it turned out, Curtis was looking for someone to add something to his radio show and, knowing how crazy Brad's mind worked, invited Brad to be on the show with him to "check it out". He also gave Brad some tips on what professional equipment to buy, which Brad immediately noted and never used, 'cause he's really good at forming his own opinions despite professional advice. Brad was very nervous about the first show and didn't say a whole lot, but that quickly changed after just a couple shows. Brad and Curtis found that they worked very well together and could seamlessly put live shows together like they were scripted.

Curtis then provided Brad with some professional audio editing software and Brad instantly got to work on countless bits, spots, liners, etc... A fictitious product company, Stinky Canyon, was born and now has comical, new "products" on nearly every show.

Brad is now constantly jotting down new ideas and bits for the show and can be seen cracking himself up in the middle of Honolulu traffic. The locals must think the laughing haole (said like, how-lee, it means 'white person') is crazy!

He loves being able to share his wit with others and hopes to continue expanding his reach. (Especially since he plans to take over the world some day.)


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